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Here in the Derry Imaging Patient Portal, we want to make your healthcare experience as easy and empowering as possible. With our digital platform, you can easily access your vital health records and stay in touch with our committed healthcare staff.

Here are login steps for Derry Imaging Patient Portal Login

  1. Visit the Derry Imaging Hospital website.
  2. Go to the patient portal section.
  3. Click on the “Log In” or “Sign In” button.
  4. Enter your username or registered email address in the designated field.
  5. Derry Imaging Patient Portal Login
  6. Type your password in the password field.
  7. Click on the “Log In” or “Sign In” button.

How to Sign Up for Derry Imaging Patient Portal

If you are a new user and want to sign up for the Derry Imaging Patient Portal, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Derry Imaging Hospital website.
  2. Locate the patient portal section.
  3. Look for the “Sign Up” or “Register” button and click on it.
  4. Fill in the required information, such as your name, date of birth, contact details, and any other requested information.
  5. Create a unique username and password for your account. Make sure to choose a strong password for security.
  6. Agree to the terms and conditions of using the patient portal.
  7. Complete the registration process by following any additional prompts or instructions provided.

How to Reset Password or Username for the Derry Imaging Patient Portal

If you forget your password or username for Derry Imaging Patient Portal follow the steps below:

To Reset Password:

  1. Go to the patient portal login page.
  2. Look for the “Forgot Password” or “Reset Password” link and click on it.
  3. Enter your registered email address or username in the provided field.
  4. Follow the instructions sent to your email to reset your password.
  5. Create a new password, following any requirements or guidelines provided.
  6. Once you have successfully reset your password, you can log in to the patient portal using your new credentials.


1. Get the diagnostic information you need quickly and easily by viewing and managing your imaging results online in a secure environment.

2. You may easily manage your appointments by scheduling, rescheduling, or canceling them. This will provide you more flexibility and lessen any logistical difficulties.

3. Access to your own medical information can help you better understand your health and provide you with valuable insights.

4. Contact Center: For questions, clarifications, and follow-ups that aren’t life-threatening, use the secure messaging tool to talk to one of our healthcare experts.

5. Access a wealth of educational materials designed to deepen your comprehension of medical imaging and general wellness.


Q1: Can I trust the Patient Portal with my sensitive imaging results?

A1: Ensuring the security and confidentiality of your imaging findings is our top priority. Secure encryption and privacy protocols are in place on our gateway to keep your personal information safe.

Q2: What is the process for using the Patient Portal to arrange a diagnostic imaging appointment?

A2: To easily plan or manage your appointment, go to the appointment area, choose the imaging service you require, and follow the steps.

Q3:Is it possible to get in touch with my doctor about my imaging results through the portal?

A3: In a word, yes. Get in touch with our medical staff privately using the secure messaging service to discuss your imaging findings and any worries you may have.

In summary:

The Derry Imaging Patient Portal has been designed to provide a more interactive and efficient way for you to access your healthcare records. Our site is designed to make your health information easily accessible and efficient, from safe access to imaging results to personalized health information and fast appointment management. Derry Imaging can help you take charge of your health journey by improving communication and giving you the tools you need.